“If you want one year of prosperity, grow seeds”
“If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees”
“If you want one hundred years of prosperity, grow people”

Chinese Proverb

Our Vision:

Cultivate prosperity for all members of the global community.

In a world of immense poverty, there are many individuals and organizations who seek to alleviate its damaging effects. Spread is a non-profit organization with the vision to cultivate prosperity for all members of the global community. Spread exists to empower purpose-driven organizations to thrive.

Our Mission:

Utilize lean principles to transform humanitarian returns.

The mission of Spread is to utilize lean principles to transform humanitarian returns. We provide value through insight, engagement, and investment. Spread offers speaking engagements, workshop and project facilitation, consulting, and advisory services driven by the principles of Toyota Way leadership and lean management.

Hello there,

I’m Ben Hoseus. I believe that there is an unquestionable overlap in the underlying purpose of both continuous improvement & humanitarian work. The key principles of each revolve around sustainable development, proper education and training systems, and ongoing support and coaching. With respect to the vision of Toyota as an organization, I especially appreciate the challenge of generating “long-term mutual prosperity for all stakeholders” – at the individual, organizational, community, and global levels. As I continue to work across a number of settings in diverse cultures as a consultant and coach, I’ve witnessed the power of the philosophy and principles of continuous improvement. In December 2016, I began SpreadProsperity by embarking on an extended trip around the globe to gain firsthand experience on how humanitarian development work succeeds and falls short. This “study mission” has taken me across many borders – geographical, cultural, and socio-economical – and it continues to challenge my thinking and my personal motivations while offering purposeful lessons through experiences and interactions with many talented people and organizations.

The motivation of SpreadProsperity is to promote long-term mutual prosperity – individually, socially, and professionally. The goal is to build sustainable platforms of insight (online & print presence), education (training & development programs), and investment (micro-finance programs and “Returns on Humanity”). The vision for Spread is that it will become an active community of problem-solving which will form a collection of impactful stories and case studies which help broaden people’s horizons and challenge their thinking of what is possible, particularly in the humanitarian sector.

Our ability to solve challenging problems will be the product of our principles. Spread maintains a deep desire to learn and share more about the principles that guide our lives. As Spread continues to grow, we seek to solve more challenging and complex problems, although we have learned from history’s greatest teachers who realized that many of the greatest problems won’t be solved in this lifetime. The solution is to begin by spreading the right seeds of belief and action. Through discipline, the harvest may be more practical than we think.

I look forward to hearing from you!

-Ben Hoseus

Our Guiding Principles:

  1. Altruism & Humanitarian Impact
  2. Sustainable Development at the Local Level
  3. Long-Term Mutual Prosperity

As a part of our desire to continuously improve, Spread focuses on the acquisition and synthesis of new knowledge. Our best knowledge comes from the study of principles, truths, or natural laws.

  • Challenge ignorance with perspective.

  • Challenge problems with principles.

  • Challenge ineffectiveness with progress.

  • Challenge poverty with prosperity.