Reactivate the supply chain of Solfraterno

Solfraterno, a non for profit charity that supports 200 families in vulnerable situations in the Oeiras Council, Portugal, had its mission severely affected due to the pandemic.

1. Identified problem

Solfraterno was in the process of moving facilities, with the support of the Municipality of Oeiras, when the pandemic made it impossible for this transition to be completed. The result was that the process of distributing food baskets to the 200 families Sofraterno supports (807 people), was been compromised.

2. Implemented solution

We looked for solutions that would allow Solfraterno to continue its mission but that would meet the restrictions imposed by the pandemic at the time. With two operational management professionals at Solfraterno’s facilities, desks and bookcases were identified that could be used to create a temporary pantry and allow Solfraterno to make the food baskets for distribution.

The value stream food > creation of food baskets > storage of food baskets > distribution of food baskets, was also revised and improved.

3. Who supported Spread in this intervention?

This solution has the pro bono logistical and operational support of the PMLean consultancy.

This solution had also the support of 5 volunteers from Sporting’s cheerleading squad.

4. What was the purpose of the solution implemented?

  • Reactivate the food, personal hygiene and home care product distribution that Solfraterno gives to support 200 families in the Oeiras council, Portugal;
  • Reduce the lead time it takes to create the food basket by rearranging the inflow of food > creating the baskets > distributing the baskets.

5. What was the social impact created?

  • 200 families in vulnerable situation (807 people including children and elderly) supported by Solfraterno;
  • Increased capacity at Solfraterno to allow the ability to accept more requests that multiplied during the pandemic lockdown;
  • Solfraterno social response as a front-line institution.

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