Spread cultivates a global community of prosperity by partnering with organizations that offer speaking engagements, workshop and project facilitation, consulting, and advisory services driven by the principles of Toyota Way leadership and lean management.

PeruHope is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to improve the standard of living of the families and communities that are in a state of extreme poverty and desertion with an emphasis in the welfare of the children. Today, PeruHope serves hundreds of people with various programs in the community of Huaycán, one of the poorest neighborhoods located in Lima, Peru.

SORT aims to be a leader in the process improvement industry, by improving strategic planning, supply chain management, employee motivation and customer loyalty across Eastern and Southern Africa. The vision of SORT is to transform ineffective and inefficient processes in Financial Institutions, NGOs, Utilities and Social Enterprises by fostering culture of continuous improvement using Kaizen and Lean Six Six Sigma.

Böing MC see a ‘developed’ world that isn’t as developed as it should be. They see a world in which far too many employees lack purpose and direction, and are unable to make the level of contribution they are capable of. They see a world in which too many corporations are falling well short of their potential and failing to make meaningful and lasting contributions to their shareholders and to the societies in which they operate. Böing MC see the potential, and they know how to enable it. Böing MC work with their clients to create sustainable internal capacity rather than relying on significant new investment. They use innovative exercises and games – frequently on-the-job – to teach and motivate rather than endless ‘chalk and talk’ workshops. The result of their work is improved productivity and profitability driven from the inside, by your own people.