Ben Hoseus here – as founder & director of Spread, our guiding purpose is to share what we’ve learned about the philosophy and principles of continuous improvement. Spread is pleased to offer coaching focused on Lean & Problem-Solving based on our experience working with the Toyota Production System.

In order for a culture of improvement to take hold, we must first identify the beliefs that are present. Our coaching is designed to first get to the root of the “thinking” behind an initiative, program, or project before defining the measurable outcomes of the “What” and designing the process and logistics of the “How”.

We possess the belief that if we can collectively align on the paradigm of “Why”, we can solve the problem of any “What” through the process of a principle-driven “How”.


Speaking Engagements –

  • Leadership Alignment

  • Effective Management

  • Millennial Motivation

  • Purpose & Philosophy of Problem-Solving

  • Community Development

(Locations in
USA/Peru/Senegal/South Africa/Switzerland)


Workshops & Project Facilitation-

  • Value Stream Mapping (Current State/Future State)

  • Structured Problem-Solving (8-step/PDCA)

  • Organizational Alignment (Mission/Vision/Values)

  • Financial Modeling & Assessment (System & Process Analysis)

  • Business Development (Marketing Design and Print & Digital Content Development

(Projects in
USA/South Africa/India/Australia/Mexico)


Coaching & Support – 

  • Act as an action catalyst

  • Provide coaching on strategic direction

  • Offer facilitation and ongoing support

(Organizations in