Spread prosperity by making an impact on current social responsibility efforts


Spread vision is to use world best practice techniques, contribute through knowledge sharing, intervention and investment projects, ensuring mutual trust between partners and institutions that will receive our support.



Spread, a private non-profit association, works behind the scenes of multiple social support entities, assisting in management, operation and logistics so that these, with the mission to help communities in fragile situations, can have their processes simplified, be more efficient and with more capacity to act.

Spread vision

Spread is made up of a group of entrepreneurs who got together to help enable impact on current social responsibility efforts. With a worldwide network present in several countries, the Portuguese team has the task to create a pilot humanitarian center of excellence.

Meet the team

Ben Hoseus
International Direction
With almost 10 years of global experience, Ben works with companies and organizations as an advisor and consultant. He started his career at Toyota Kentucky, USA, and his experience includes operations, project and finance management.
Marta Ferreira
General Management Portugal
Marta has over 15 years of experience in business management and resource optimization with a professional career that includes awards, lectures and publications in her field of expertise.
Pedro Silvestre
Operational Direction Portugal
Specialist in operations and logistics, in the last 3 years Pedro led the operational area of a tech startup guaranteeing awards like "5 Stars" for the consumer choice award.
Felisbela Baptista
Social Direction Portugal
Felisbela is known for her ability to make things happen. For the past 10 years, Felisbela has been involved in managing the social agenda of one of the largest Portuguese banks.
Everton Böing
Environmental Direction Portugal
With over 15 years in energy efficiency consulting, Everton specializes in innovative solutions that guarantee sustainability and contribute to circular economy.
Rita Zimmermann
Partnership Director
Rita is best known for her creative knowledge and her ability to network and connecting people. With over 18 years experience, Rita specializes in creating leading brands with her work renowned and published by world leading magazines.

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